Fr. Hall's Corner

A Life of Leisure

I am a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. I like amateur radio, which is a secondary pastime of mine. My first interest is astronomy. I have two parishes in southwest Minnesota. St. James Church in St. James and St. Mary's in Madelia. I have an Yaesu FT 450D for an HF transciever. An 80-10 meter dipole antenna at 30 feet of the ground. I use two 100 watt solar panels to charge four 12 volt deep cycle lead acid batteries for my 12 volt radio shack power source. I also have a site for portable operations. It is on a farm near Rochester, MN. There I use a 35 feet high tilt-over mast to hoist a J-Pole antenna for two meter VHF operations and a 40 meter half wavelength double bazooka dipole in an inverted "V" for 40 meters and 15 meters HF. My portable power source is either my car battery or one 12 volt automotive battery charged by a 20 watt solar panel.  My dog is an yellow labrador retreiver. Her name is Zita.

Send QSL cards to the address above. 

God bless you!